It's a long story but here's the short version:

As women, self care has always been a top priority in maintaining our overall well being. We got started making bath and body products out of sheer necessity after suffering from incessantly dry skin and not being able to find commercial products that were both natural and lasting. Having busy lives we were not enthused by the time it took to undo the effects of products that depleted our skin's moisture. We needed a change and decided to include, in our routine, products that moisturized from start to finish.

We turned to the natural balms, herbs and oils of our ancestors to create products that revolutionized our skin.

Surprisingly, we found that people with whom we shared our products also benefited from using them. We continue to use our own products in our personal skin-care routines which speaks highly of the value we place on our creations.

You might be wondering why we chose such unique names for our products: they are the names of places in Jamaica that are of special significance to us. You might recognize some of these places as tourist areas but we included some of the hidden gems that only locals would know. As natives of Jamaica we have memories tied to each place and we want to share our little island through products inspired by our culture. To make it fun and engaging we include details for some on these places in our product descriptions.
This may be a little old-school but we prefer a small batch process of making our products. This guarantees that we are providing top quality handmade products that are not only beneficial to your skin and hair but are a feast for the senses!

We incorporate fantastic oils in all of our products to bring you optimal hydration and conditioning to the skin. So revitalize your skin-care routine with some Caribbean vibes!

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