Hello! My name is Dr. Monique Williams and I am the owner and founder of this awesome brand. I’m here to give you a deep dive into the story behind Tallawah Naturals.

I started making natural skincare products out of sheer necessity while I was living in Minnesota and studying to become a biomedical scientist. Little did I know that the combination of “so cold you can feel it in your bones” outdoor weather, and warm but dry indoor climate would result in incessantly dry, parched skin.

I tried just about everything to moisturize and heal my skin. I was so desperate I tried combining vaseline with my Jergens Shea Butter Lotion just to get some moisture. This combination helped to some extent but my skin never improved, even during the summer. Unfortunately, none of the commercially available products could really soften my skin and take away the shame of walking around with dry, scaly, ashy skin.

I started doing some research to learn how I could use natural butters and oils to create a moisturizer that would make a massive improvement in my skincare routine. Unfortunately, as a graduate student I did not have the resources to purchase the ingredients I needed so I had to put this project on the backburner until I had a job.


After graduation, moving to Durham, NC, and starting my first job, I decided to pick back up my passion project and continue formulating and creating my first body butter and naturals bar soaps that would revolutionize my skincare routine.

I was blown away by the results and thought that there must be other people out there suffering from dry skin who could benefit from my products. I first started selling them to friends and family and after seeing more interest, I launched my eCommerce website in March 2022.

I’ve since learned quite a bit about my customers and their needs and continue to improve my products and expand my product line to bring you the very best products to heal, nourish, soften, and moisturize your skin and hair.


This project has now grown to become the means through which I plan to financially support and care for my parents back in Jamaica.

It has truly been a labor of love as I learn the ropes of running a business and balancing that with a day job and family.

I’ve invested significant amounts of time and money into growing this business into a well-oiled machine and I keep improving every day.

Every dollar you spend with us means so much more than you can imagine and I appreciate your continued support and trust in me.

From my family to yours, we say thank you a million times over.

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